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Our remote should work straight away with your TV box after inserting batteries, however sometimes the remote may not connect immediately with your box. If you see the light flash on the remote but the remote doesn't control your box, use the following guide to fix your problem. The problem is caused by a minority of box manufacturers installing different remote files, the vast majority of manufacturers use the same remote files so this problem happens rarely. The only way to get a working remote for your box is to install the correct remote files.

You will need a USB memory stick, a USB computer mouse (for controlling your TV box) and the remote files which are available to download from here:



Once the above zip file has been downloaded, extract the zip file and put the "remote.conf" file onto your USB stick and then plug the USB stick into your box. Please also plug in your USB computer mouse (if you are using one) to your box at this time. Most Android boxes have a root file explorer built in, using your computer mouse please access this or download one from the Google store.

Once you are on the file explorer, navigate to the "Root" folder (sometimes this is just called "/"). In the Root folder there will be a folder called "etc".

The original remote.conf file you are replacing will be inside the "etc" folder. Please enter the "etc" folder and locate the "remote.conf" file. Once located, please rename the original remote.conf file to something else which you can easily recognise (this is so you have a copy of your original file in case anything goes wrong, if you need to revert back to this file just rename it back to remote.conf). After you have renamed the original file, please copy the remote.conf file which is on your USB stick and paste it into the "etc" folder on your TV box.

Once you have done all of the above, restart your box and your remote should now work.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us