Universal Replacement Remote Control for LG TV - AKB72914293

Universal Replacement Remote Control for LG TV - AKB72914293

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Universal Replacement Remote Control for LG TV - AKB72914293

  • Universal Replacement Remote for LG TV – Capable of supporting LG televisions and LG Smart televisions of all sizes and model numbers, this remote supports 4K, LCD, LED, OLED, and HDR TVs.
  • No Complicated Programming – Our replacement remote controls automatically sync to your device, allowing you to start controlling your TV in seconds.
  • Easy-Press Buttons – High quality buttons are easy to read and press whilst heavy-duty rubber construction provides long-lasting durability and convenient operational use.
  • Genuine 12-Month Warranty – Here at Foxtek we take pride in the quality of our products and our service, so every TV remote comes with a 12-month warranty!
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Whether you’ve lost or broken your remote control for your LG TV, or you simply need to replace an old one, the Foxtek Universal Replacement Remote Control for LG TV has you covered.

Designed with instant connectivity that doesn’t require programming, we’ve made it easier to connect your TV and start surfing channels in seconds. Compatible with many LG TV and LG Smart TV models, it’s time to get back to your favourite shows with a remote that can do it all! Simply insert 2 x AAA batteries (not included) and begin using with your TV!

The quick and easy connectivity of this remote control for LG Smart TVs makes it ideal for those who use outlets like Netflix, Amazon Prime and more. It will let you start, stop, pause and run other actions seamlessly for unbeatable support.

Compatible with the following LG TV Models and many more: 42PT250-ZA, 42PT250N-ZA, 60PV250N-ZA, 60PV250A-ZA, 60PV250K-ZA, 42PT351-ZC, 42PT351A-ZC, 42PT351N-ZC, 42PT351K-ZC, 42PT250A-ZA, 42PT352-ZB, 42PT352A-ZB, 42PT352N-ZB, 42PT352K-ZB, 60Pv250-ZA, 42PT353-ZA, 42PT250K-ZA, 42PT353A-ZA, 42PT353N-ZA, 42PT353K-ZA, 50PT351-ZC, 50PT351A-ZC, 50PT351N-ZC, 50PT351K-ZC, 50PT352-ZB, 50PT352A-ZB, 50PT352N-ZB, 50PT352K-ZB, 50PT353-ZA, 50PT353A-ZA, 50PT353N-ZA, 50PT353K-ZA, 42PT350-ZD, 42PT350N-ZD, 42PT350A-ZD, 50PT350-ZD, 42PT350K-ZD, 50PT350N-ZD, 50PT350A-ZD, 50PT350K-ZD, 50Pv350-ZD, 50Pv350A-ZD, 50Pv350T-ZD, 50Pv350N-ZD, 50PZ250-ZB, 50PZ250N-ZB, 50PZ250A-ZB, 50PZ250T-ZB, 60PZ250-ZB, 60PZ250N-ZB, 60PZ250A-ZB, 60PZ250T-ZB, 42PW450-ZA, 42PW450N-ZA, 42PW450A-ZA, 42PW450T-ZA, 42PW451-ZD, 42PW451N-ZD, 42PW451A-ZD, 42PW451T-ZD, 50PW450-ZA, 50PW450N-ZA, 50PW450A-ZA, 50PW450T-ZA, 50PW451-ZD, 50PW451N-ZD, 50PW451A-ZD, 50PW451T-ZD, 22LV5500-ZC, 22LV550N-ZC, 22LV550A-ZC, 22LV550U-ZC, 22LV5510-ZD, 22LV551N-ZD, 22LV551A-ZD, 22LV551U-ZD, 26LV5500-ZC, 26LV550N-ZC, 26LV550A-ZC, 26LV550U-ZC, 26LV551N-ZD, 26LV5510-ZD, 26LV551A-ZD, 26LV551U-ZD, 55LW450U, 37LV450U, 42LW450U, 42LW540U, 47LV355T, 47LV355U, 47LW450U, 47LW540U, 37LK450U, 42LK450U, 47LK950U, 42PT353K, 42LK455C, 42LW451C, 47LV355C, 47LW451C, 55LW451C.

* Please check that the remote control features all the functions and buttons you need prior to purchase.

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