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Whether you're replacing a lost or broken remote; retiring an old, worn remote for a shiny new one or simply wanting a spare for those "where's the TV remote?!" moments, our straight forward, easy to follow guide is here to help you decide which is the perfect replacement remote for you!


If you have access to the original remote control and can see the remote control model (the remote control model is usually written on the front of the remote control, at the bottom below the buttons) then please feel free to type the remote model straight into the Search bar above. If we have a remote control in stock with the same remote model as your original remote, the product you see in the results will be one of our own brand replacement remote controls that will have all the same buttons and functions as your original remote. If we do not have a direct replacement for your remote model number, please carry on with this guide if needed.


If you do not have access to the original remote or can't see the remote model then don't worry, the first step in choosing the correct remote control for you is finding out which brand of TV you are buying a replacement remote control for.


We sell replacement remotes for most major TV brands. The remotes are universal with the brand that is specified in the title and product description, for example the "Foxtek Universal Remote Control for LG Smart TV - AKB74915234" is compatible with all LG Smart TVs. The remotes will not work on any TV brand other than what is listed in the product title and description.


Some of our most popular brands for replacement remote controls are shown in the menu above, whilst other brands are available to view in the 'Remote Control' or 'Other' drop-downs. You can also use the search bar above to search for your brand of TV.


When you have chosen the TV brand that matches the TV that you are buying a replacement remote control for, it is time to look at what buttons and features you need your new remote control to have. Having access to the original remote control that you are replacing can make things easier. We advise that if you know what the original remote looked like, then starting with the remote controls that look similar to your original and checking that the remote has the features and functions that are suitable for you is usually the easiest way forward. Some buttons may be in a slightly different place to where you were expecting, but they will work just as well.


Once you are inside your selected TV brand category, you will only see remotes that are compatible with your TV. We stock a variety of remotes that cater for almost all functions on modern and older TVs. Each of our remotes have different capabilities and we recommend looking at not just the product titles and pictures but the product descriptions as well to see what features they may or may not be compatible with. For example some of our remote controls have been specifically designed for a brand's Smart TV and will provide easy access to these services with buttons as easy to spot and use as the original remote, whilst another remote designed for the same TV brand may be designed for use with that brand's standard TVs which don't have access to Smart/Internet services and applications. Or a remote control designed to work with TVs that can be watched and used in 3D will have a direct button for you to access this feature.


Some remote control descriptions may list some of the TV model numbers that they are most commonly bought for. These lists do not include every single TV model that they are compatible with as the remotes are universal to that TV brand.


Some of the main features of your TV and/or original remote control which we advise to look out for on your new replacement remote are:

  • Is your TV a Smart TV? (i.e. does it have access to features that require an internet connection to use, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or an app store? The internet services must actually be on the TV without the use of a 3rd party device such as an Amazon Firestick or Now TV Box).
  • Is your TV a 3D capable TV?
  • Are there any shortcut buttons to apps or channels on your TV that you need your new remote to have?

Please note that when a remote that is suitable for a Smart-TV is bought for a non-Smart TV, the remote’s buttons that solely relate to it being a Smart TV (such as the 'Smart Hub' button on some remotes) will not be functional with your non-Smart TV. If you are looking for a remote that is suitable for a Smart TV but are worried it may not be fully compatible, please check the product description where it will tell you if it is not suitable for Smart TVs. 

Please note that buying a remote that has any special or shortcut buttons such as '3D' or 'Netflix', will not give you access to these features if your original remote control and TV did not have these features originally.


After you have looked at the remotes that are suitable for your needs by looking at the product titles, images and descriptions you may find there is more than one remote suitable for you. At this point it is up to you which remote you prefer, this could be down to personal preference of placement of certain buttons that you know you may use a lot or buttons being in a place that you are used to - wherever the buttons are placed on the remote, they will all work just as well. All of our product images can be zoomed into so that you can view all of the remote's buttons easily.


We hope this guide has helped you and that you now feel confident in picking the right and best replacement remote control for you! If you have any questions about this guide or need any assistance in choosing the best replacement remote for you, please contact us here.