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For your peace of mind, we provide a 12 month warranty on all of our own brand items. You can make a claim on your warranty by logging in to your account and selecting 'Warranty' on the My Account page. If you did not make an account at the time of ordering, please create one here to make a warranty claim.


Once you have opened a warranty claim ticket, a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.



Warranty Claims and Conditions

All manufacturing and quality-related defects on items sold directly by Foxtek or Foxtek’s authorised resellers are covered by an extensive warranty, starting from the date of purchase.


For quality-related warranty claims, items will be replaced with a factory refurbished model of equal value when available, otherwise a new item will be sent.


Warranties on all replacements follow the same warranty time frame of the original defective item, or 3 months after being replaced, whichever is longer. Warranties on products are void after having been fully refunded.


Warranty will be provided only when valid proof of purchase (indicating the date of purchase, model name and price) is presented with the defective product within the warranty period.



This warranty does not cover remote controls which have been misbought by the customer, i.e. the customer has bought a remote control which is not compatible with their device and the incompatibility is listed on the remote control listing.


This warranty does not cover transport costs and risks associated with transport of your product to and from Foxtek.


Shipping costs must be covered by buyer in the following situations:

-      Returning products for any reason other than a proven defect

-      Buyer’s accidental returns

-      Returning personal items

-      Returning items claimed to have defects but are then found to be in working condition

-      Returning defective items with international shipping

-      Costs associated with unauthorised returns (any returns made outside of the approved warranty process)

-      Warranty claims on items taken outside the original country of purchase



This warranty does not cover:

-      Repair or replacement due to wear and tear.

-      Remotes bought for incompatible devices when the listing states it is not compatible with that device or the listing is for a specific device and the customer has bought for a different device. For example: buying a Now TV Box remote for a Now TV Stick, or buying a 'Remote Control for Samsung' for a Bush TV.

-      Damage or defects caused by use, operation or treatment of the product inconsistent with normal personal or domestic use.

-      Damage or changes to the product as a result of:

-      Misuse, including but not limited to:

-      Treatment resulting in physical, cosmetic or surface damage or changes to the product.

-      Falls, extreme temperatures, water, operating devices improperly

-      Neglect.

-      Accidents, fire, liquids, chemicals, other substances, flooding, vibrations, excessive heat and impacts.